Monday, April 24, 2017

The Easy Way to Improve Toyota Car Performance

Yes, we know. We’ve seen the same headlines promising “one weird trick” to do anything from removing wrinkles to losing weight. But when you want your Toyota car to perform better, there really is one simple thing you can do the next time you’re close to your Toyota dealership near Scottsdale, AZ.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a higher-horsepower engine, performance tuning, a custom exhaust system, or any other high-ticket doodads. If you want better acceleration and more stopping power, it’s as simple as stopping by Bell Road Toyota for the proper tires for your Toyota Tacoma or your old Toyota Corolla.

It makes intuitive sense. After all, you wouldn’t train for months for a marathon, eating right, running, and taking supplements, only to wear flip-flops on the day of the big race. Your car is no different. You can do anything else you’d like — parts, fuel treatment, performance upgrades — but if you don’t have the right tires, it’s like running with a pebble in your shoe.

It’s not just us saying so. Tests have proven time and again that tires with good tread give you better traction, better acceleration, and more stopping power at a shorter distance. That translates to better fuel economy, more safety, and a lot more fun behind the wheel. You’ll literally feel the difference.

When it comes to proper maintenance, we hope you’re already paying attention to fundamentals like your hoses, fluids, belts, and brakes. But for all that effort, don’t overlook where the rubber meets the road. If you live in the area around Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Peoria, there’s no excuse not to stop by Bell Road Toyota to make sure your tires aren’t worn, that they’re properly mounted and balanced, and that your alignment’s up to snuff.

Service questions? Stop by our Phoenix Toyota service center today. We’re located at 2020 West Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ. 

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