Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Toyota FT-4X Concept: First Look

Last week, Bell Road Toyota covered two major production model debuts that were on tap for the New York International Auto Show. This week, we take a closer look at the Toyota FT-4X, a promising “casualcore” concept vehicle targeted at millennials. In its first public appearance, it evidences the DNA of old and new Toyota SUVs.

The size is similar to the upcoming 2018 Toyota C-HR. This makes sense, since both vehicles share the same TNGA platform, and could — in theory — share the same four-cylinder engine and CVT. But the Toyota FT-4X is bulkier all around, and trades the futuristic curvature of the Toyota C-HR for a more muscular look that’s clearly inspired by the discontinued (and sorely missed) Toyota FJ Cruiser.

The differences continue inside, with lots of hard plastic surfaces that are meant to be easier to load and unload, and easier to clean after your weekend adventures. There’s a profusion of USB ports, storage cubbies, heated and cooled storage areas, and even a detachable radio that can be used for tunes around the campfire.

We don’t know yet if the Toyota FT-4X will come to Bell Road Toyota. Concept vehicles often pack every idea that a designer thought would be fun, from the really good ones to the good but far-fetched ones. If it does become available to Phoenix Toyota dealerships, we’d expect a similar exterior but an interior that’s decidedly more conventional, designed to appeal to a wider range of drivers.

If you want to go off-road in the meantime, you’ve got some great options at our 2020 West Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ showroom. Try the 2017 Toyota RAV4 or the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser on for size!

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