Saturday, August 18, 2018

Crossovers and SUVs: How Are They Different?

We've recently covered some smaller cars here on this blog, so let's take a closer look at some of the larger vehicles on the market. SUVs and crossovers are popular right now, but many drivers don't know what these terms truly mean. If you're shopping for a new vehicle, it pays to know the differences between these capable vehicles.

It's not uncommon to hear drivers refer to larger vehicles as SUVs and smaller ones as crossovers. While this isn't always completely, the differences really lie in how the vehicles are built. After all, we've reached the point where three-row models that are technically crossovers are on the market.

A crossover is a vehicle like the 2018 Toyota RAV4. It's built on the same platform as a car like the Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry would be. This results in a lighter vehicle, with “crumple zones” that are designed to keep a driver and other occupants safer in a crash. A crossover is also built with a “unibody” construction. The body and frame of a crossover are built together as one complete entity.

On the other hand, an SUV is built with a “body on frame” construction method. The body is built, the frame is built, and then they are joined together. An SUV is also built on a platform that could be used to build a truck. This results in a vehicle that's generally more rugged. An SUV is ideal for off-road adventures or towing a trailer. There are actually very few models that are still built like this. The 2018 Toyota Sequoia, available right now on our lot, is one of the last true “body on frame” SUVs left.

So whether you're looking for an SUV or crossover, visit our Toyota dealership in Phoenix. We'll make it easy to find a dependable new model that you and the whole family will love. We look forward to assisting you!

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