Thursday, May 25, 2017

Toyota Lease Ending? Here's What to Do

Sometimes it seems like everyone loves new Toyota cars. We certainly see a lot of the Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, and Toyota Tacoma on the roads around Phoenix, AZ. But not everyone who comes to Bell Road Toyota is here to buy. In fact, roughly a third of all Toyota cars that leave dealerships each year are under lease. If you’re one of those lessees, we can help make the end of that lease easier for you.
There are a few dates to keep in mind as your lease draws to a close.
90 Days Before Lease Ends
This is a good time to decide what comes after your lease ends. You might decide to buy out your current lease, to purchase a different vehicle altogether, or take on another lease. During this time frame, you should also expect to hear from Toyota Financial Services.
60 Days Before Lease Ends
Once your lease is up, you may face charges for excess wear and tear. Since you probably don’t want to find out what you’re dealing with the day you turn in your vehicle and your keys, we suggest bringing your car, truck, or SUV to the dealership. We’ll conduct an assessment so you’ll know what to expect.
30 Days Before Lease Ends
If you haven’t already done so, the last month of your lease is time for any Toyota service and repairs your vehicle needs. It’s also a good time to contact Bell Road Toyota for a return date, to make the return, and meet any final obligations for mileage and wear overages. It’s also when you’ll work out the details on your next new Toyota car.
There are some other things that are worth keeping in mind.
    You can take advantage of loyalty incentives provided through Toyota Financial Services. These can often be combined with dealer incentives and seasonal promotions. We’ve enjoyed having you as a customer, and we’d love to see you stick around!
    Remember that your Phoenix Toyota dealer was in your corner when you took on your lease, and we’re still here to help. Any questions you have, and any help you need, is still right here at 2020 West Bell Road.

    Finally, whether you leased or purchased through Bell Road Toyota, remember that our service and Toyota Finance departments are always here for you. 

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