Monday, March 27, 2017

Buy a Toyota Car and Buy American

Phoenix car buyers have plenty of choices, and many of you already know that Bell Road Toyota caters to their needs like no other. Whatever you need, and whatever your reasons for buying a new car, we’re confident you’ll find something you like here. One consideration for many customers is buying something that’s made in America. Did you know that your Phoenix Toyota dealership is a great place to start? 

When most of us think about American cars, we typically start by thinking of American brands. However, it’s not quite that simple. All manufacturers source parts and assemblies from a variety of locations, and lots of those components come from overseas. US News and World Report recently examined companies’ manufacturing and supply chains. The results of their analysis might surprise you. The most American car, in terms of where it was built and where the parts came from, was the 2017 Toyota Camry.

That doesn’t surprise the Bell Road Toyota staff. After all, Toyota Motor North America is the Plano, TX-based subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Between dealerships, suppliers, factories, and regional offices, Toyota Motor North America has a nationwide presence.

Another study, conducted by the Center for Automotive Research*, takes a closer look at the impact of that presence. The company’s initiatives in manufacturing, R&D, sales, and service has a deep impact. They directly employ thousands, indirectly employing thousands more. Payroll taxes, sales taxes, and other economic contributions ensure that  the Toyota Motor Corporation makes its presence felt from coast to coast.

So if you want to buy American, visit your Phoenix Toyota dealership and take a close look at the American-made 2017 Toyota Camry and 2017 Toyota Avalon. Bell Road Toyota is located at 2020 West Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ. Stop by today!

*"Contribution of Toyota Motor North America to the Economies of Nineteen States and the United States in 2015"

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